Another Passion in Mexico

Another Passion in Mexico


Another Passion in Mexico

Skating is another passion in Mexico. Young Mexican are following there dreams.

You live in a big city.
Everywhere are racing mini-vans, cars and there is so much concrete everywhere.

You like to be outside. Only in parks you can find nature with the calm and relaxed atmosphere.
There are your friends which are skating.
So you just do it and start to dream with them to become one of the best pro-skaters.
You dream and enjoy and you make slow progress. But that doesn’t matter, you have fun to play.
Every time when you have spare time you will be in the park, to play with the skateboard, meet your friends and make new friends. The skating community is not to big, so you know all the other skaters in your city and also some of them in the neighbor cities.

You are in action and you repeat again and again your tricks and from time to time you stand them. Wohooooo.
But you enjoy way more the progress and the togetherness.

Girls come to watch you because you are cool and you are authentic and in your element.

Tattoos are your mark but not everybody of your friends have them and that is okay too.

It is a mixture of talking, hanging out and being in action.
Have a look at my documentation. Mexicans following there passion. Have a look about how much it connected.